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4 Benefits of Selling Online Goods on Amazon India

Selling Online

Wish to leverage the benefit of the growing potential of Amazon India but not sure of how to start?

A number of business owners -both small and large-scale, are looking for lucrative opportunities to start a business beyond the domains of Amazon. As per a study report, Amazon India is expected to contribute to as much as 20 percent of the total growth of Amazon in the coming years. This implies that launching a business with Amazon India can put your entrepreneurial skills ahead of the Amazon curve while allowing you to capture something bigger.

Top 4 Reasons to Sell on Amazon India

Amazon India offers great opportunities for both businesses and sellers in the country. Active sellers on Amazon India range from microbusinesses to large-scale businesses. As a matter of fact, India boasts the highest number of microbusiness sellers on Amazon in comparison to other marketplaces across the globe. Amongst international Amazon sellers, India is one of the leading places to give your business a boost in the e-commerce domain. As you wish to try out Amazon India to sell your products, here are some benefits you can expect: 1. Marketplace of Amazon India is Growing at a Rapid Rate

India features the second rapidly growing Amazon marketplace -right after Amazon US. In 2016, there were around 100,000 sellers on Amazon India. As per the current stats, the number has accelerated to reach more than 800,000 sellers. The overall rate of new sellers joining the marketplace is only increasing day by day as businesses all around unveil the benefits offered by the platform. As around 95 percent of businesses in the country are micro-businesses, these tend to dominate the Amazon India landscape. As a matter of fact, Amazon aims at reaching 10 million sellers on Amazon India alone by 2025. 2. Access to Thousands of New Customers boasts the presence of more than 100 million registered users across the country. The website also receives more than 300 million visits almost every month. As you get an opportunity to sell on Amazon India, you are significantly able to increase your overall reach while pitching your products to thousands of new customers almost every day. 3. Minimum Barriers of Entry

It is possible for almost anyone to serve as a registered seller on Amazon India. There are not too strict requirements for becoming a seller on Amazon India. All you need to have is a dedicated bank account and some important ID documents. 4. Amplify Your Sales

Amazon India is believed to receive a minimum of around 150,000 orders on a daily basis. This implies one order every second for sellers who are selling on the leading marketplace. When you offer a top-quality product to your customers, you can be assured of repeated orders from them. Conclusion

More than 4000 sellers have already surpassed the mark of INR 10 million in the overall sales on Amazon India. Selling on Amazon India can be highly profitable when you have the right products and follow the right marketing strategy. To know more about essential tips as a seller, sign up on our website at HappySellers.

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