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Download Software!

We provide Fastest Processing Software in India

Download Software!

You can download latest software from here

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Quick Features Overview

Myntra M-Direct order processing

Amazon Seller flex order processing

Multiple Accounts Supported

Multi-Orders Supported

IMEI/RTM Orders Supported

Fastest Processing Software in India

 Smart Inventory Management

along with unimaginable Highest Quality Support which you have never experienced.

How It Works?

Checkout this video to learn how software works -



Download and Install Software

Download the software from this page and install it in your Windows PC. We support all latest versions of Windows. Recommended is Windows 10.


Process Your Orders


Print and Pack Orders

Click process selected picklists button inside software to process all your Flipkart Smart Fulfilment Orders automatically.

Click open orders folder button and print all the shipping labels on 4x6 inch Barcode Printer. And then pack your orders. That's it, you are done.

Want to save money and time? You're in the right place!

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