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Dot Recall - Automatically Recall Flipkart Inventory

Outward/ Recall Flipkart Smart Inventory Automatically

  • One click recall picklist

  • Multiple recall picklists supported

  • Super fast processing

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Dot Recall Features

Recall Flipkart Smart Fulfilment Inventory

Simplify your life using Dot-Recall software that enables you to automatically outward all Listing ids from Flipkart panel. All you need to generate the Recall Ids and run the software that takes out all the Recall Ids. You are just one click away to initiate this fully automatic process.

Using software you can save a huge amount of manual efforts and save the time by automating the entire process. Dot-Recall lets you recall the Ids in very less time and you can invest your precious time elsewhere to earn more money. This is the main advantage of using the automated processes to ease your working style.

If you want to extract all Recall Ids immediately in one go, then Dot-Recall is the right software to help to achieve this goal. It makes it very easy to manage Flipkart inventory by outwarding all the product Listings which are not required in the panel right now.

When product stock goes out of stock then it is very important to daily outward the product Listing Ids. HappySeller software works very accurately to recall those ids to save the seller from unnecessary penalties. With its high speed you can be sure that no issues of out of stock will ever come to your way.

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