Dot Inward Features

Inward Smart Fulfilment Inventory Like A Breeze

Bulk Inward Listings

Excel Support

Using Dot-Inward you can inward thousands of Listing Ids into Flipkart smart inventory in a few minutes. You can manage your smart inventory easily by automatically inbounding the bulk of Listings and their quantity. Just select and inward the required product into your ecommerce account.

One Click Inwarding

Saves Time and Manual Efforts

Software saves the manual effort of inwarding every listing ids one by one. Now you can save upto 15 hours while inwarding thousands of listings in bulk. No human intervention is required, only software will do your job.

Inward In Selected Bins

Use Bins as You Want

Dot-Inwards gives the option to choose Bin Ids from the Flipkart panel and then software will enter the Listing Ids automatically. It makes it very easy and useful to inward the same Listings again in the same location within a few minutes.

Inward without Bin Ids

Software Handles Complexity For You

It is not necessary to select Bin Ids every time to inward Flipkart Listing Ids in smart inventory. Software automatically finds the empty Bin Ids from Flipkart smart inventory and then inwards the Listing Ids and its quantity into the available Bin Ids.

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