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7 Best logistics companies to choose from if you are an Amazon or Flipkart seller

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Logistics companies are growing and expanding at an exponential rate. They are all set to contribute to a whopping 30 percent of the total revenues for the entire logistics industry by the time of 2025. Third-party logistics firms or agencies are crucial to ensuring the success of e-commerce businesses and transactions. They are responsible for handling a majority of logistics as well as delivery options for e-commerce businesses -like sellers on Amazon or Flipkart. Once the order has been placed, a reliable logistics partner will handle the order’s manifestations, generation of airway bills or AWBs, and then pick up & deliver the order to the customers. E-commerce sellers also depend on third-party logistics providers to ensure hassle-free inventory storage before the placement of the order and during transit.

Best Logistics or Courier Companies in India for Amazon/Flipkart Sellers Whatever might be the size of your e-commerce business, you will require assistance from a reliable logistics company in India to fulfill expected requirements of end customers. Depending on the size of the courier company, the services offered, and the resources provided, we have compiled a list of the best courier companies in India for Amazon and Flipkart sellers:

1. Delhivery Delhivery is a leading Indian courier company. It boasts one of the largest networks across India. The logistics company is capable of handling more than 7,500 e-commerce businesses across the nation. Delhivery is also renowned for its on-demand delivery solutions -including same-day and next-day delivery services along with scheduled deliveries. Delhivery also offers access to COD services along with exchange and reverse logistics. They are well-equipped to handle different types of products -including hazardous, heavyweight, and high-value items. Pros

  • A dedicated section of Direct Shipment

  • Stronger supply chain network

  • Hassle-free shipping with the mobile app

  • Advanced intelligence with ML and AI engines


  • Lack of proper communication

  • Labor-intensive operations

2. Blue Dart

Blue Dart is a global courier company featuring a massive network across India as well. They allow businesses to offer customers the option of selecting the desired delivery date & time with the help of slot-based and scheduled delivery. The Blue Dart API is also capable of requesting specialized services like computerized and automated updates related to proof-of-delivery or shipment of weather-resistant packaging. As far as delivery payments are concerned, Blue Dart offers access to cash-on-delivery, several wallet options, and online payments -both postpaid and prepaid. Pros

  • Unparalleled domestic and international network

  • A wide spectrum of customized delivery solutions

  • Automated, real-time proof of delivery

  • Easy tracking


  • Less visibility

  • Lack of proper training

3. FedEx

Before introducing its courier services to the e-commerce domain in India, FedEx made itself a reputed name in the global market. FedEx is effectively equipped with state-of-the-art transportation networks and highly trained staff to handle different types of products. The leading courier company also helps with handling customs clearances for interstate and cross-border shipments. The revolutionary FedEx API is capable of integrating with your e-commerce business systems to offer international deliveries to more than 200 nations while ensuring that customers are updated on the live status of the respective orders. Pros

  • Free packaging

  • Advanced real-time tracking capabilities

  • Customer care services across the globe

  • On-time express parcel delivery


  • Not highly reliable with surprise gifts

  • Service-based pick-ups

4. XpressBees

XpressBees is another reliable logistics company offering high-end logistics solutions to e-commerce businesses. The company offers access to comprehensive shipping solutions like payment collection, reverse logistics, last-mile delivery, drop shipping, vendor management, and so more. You can also expect tailor-made software solutions and fulfillment services with XpressBees for your e-commerce shipment. Pros

  • Robust end-to-end operations

  • SDD or Same Day Delivery

  • Seamless reverse logistics

  • Advanced delivery framework


  • Labor-intensive operations

  • Irregular training of the staff

5. Ecom Express

Ecom Express has garnered the respect of a pioneering logistics provider in the nation -especially for e-commerce businesses. The logistics company has its presence across all the states of the nation while operating in more than 25,000 PIN codes across India. Pros

  • Expansive nation-wide reach

  • Use of technology and automation

  • Dedicated fleet network

  • Speed & reliability


  • Extended delivery time

  • Limited supply chain control

6. Ekart Ekart is one of the leading logistics companies of India. It is a famous supply chain company delivering shipments across more than 3800 PIN codes of the nation. The logistics partner aims at offering end-to-end fulfillment services for e-commerce businesses. Pros

  • Express service for pick-up and delivery

  • Doorstep delivery assurance

  • Delivery scheduling

  • Access to necessary tools


  • Unreliable tracking status

  • Lack of proper communication


DTDC serves to be India’s pioneering integrated express logistics and supply chain provider. The company boasts operating one of the largest physical networks of customer-centric access points across the nation. With its headquarters in Bangalore, DTDC has garnered the respect of being a popular choice for ensuring e-commerce shipment. Pros

  • Services across both domestic and international markets

  • Access to a wide range of shipment packages

  • Standard helpdesk support

  • Quick setup time


  • Greater dependency on human resources

  • Delayed deliveries in some cases

Conclusion Whether you sell products on Amazon or Flipkart, you can make the most of the online network to transport your products through a reliable courier or logistics partner. To know more about the Indian logistics industry, you can sign up on HappySellers.

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