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Amazon Seller Flex Order Processing

Amazon Seller Flex

What is the Amazon Seller Flex program?

Amazon has created a marketplace which has helped in growth of online selling for many sellers. It has provided a platform for many sellers, to increase their sales and support faster delivery to end-customers.

The idea is called Amazon seller flex and the concept is very simple, where in Amazon wants to collect goods/products from sellers and store it in their own warehouses and deliver them to the end-users or customers.

The compliance program allows sellers to store all of their warehouse using the Amazon FBA(Fulfillment by Amazon).

Which means, they can keep and store at the same place and can pack their product in warehouse. This allows them to take the benefits of delivering their products within 1-2 days. This seller flex processing is fast to make customer experience upto the satisfaction level of customer

Amazon Seller Flex program

Amazon Seller Flex Program Eligibility Criteria

Remember that you cannot directly contact Amazon for registration for seller flex program, Amazon itself identifies and invites specific retailers based on multiple measures. There is also no lengthy process in seller flex registration process.

Here’s How the Amazon Seller Flex works

  1. You can keep all your stocks at your warehouse.

  2. Once you see any order in your account, you can directly process the order in the seller central

  3. Don’t forget to pack the goods in the Amazon branded packaging material.

  4. Amazon Transportation System (ATS) collect the courier and ship it on the same day to be then deliver within 1 to 2 days to the customers.

How HappySellers will help you process and manage your Amazon seller flex orders and inventory

"To provide you with smooth processing and managing your Amazon seller flex orders" ~Our mission

Here's how HappySellers will help you

  1. Bulk Processing of seller flex orders

  2. Orders by MSKU

  3. Print shipping labels and invoices on multiple printers

  4. Manage your printer-based labels within software and print directly from the software

  5. Ease up your Amazon Order Processing with HappySellers.

We will have it's beta version very soon, by November,2021 month. And after it's ready we'll update you all accordingly.

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