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Why should a smart seller use HappySellers?

Order Processing Efficiency
Smart Seller

Knowing the fact that every smart seller invests a lot of time in processing their Smart Orders by performing it manually. It might cost you a lot of time, money, and most importantly efforts. Right? So That’s why we have specially designed an easy software solution for you to process your all smart orders, With HappySellers you can Bulk process all your Flipkart Smart Fulfilment orders within few minutes and with just a click. Say it Bulk processing, Multi-orders, IMEI orders, Process multiple Flipkart account’s Orders, We have got it all cleared out for you.

How to know if HappySellers will literally help you save time?

Well, We serve customers as our priority and so, We provide A free trial For every new customer. You can take the free trial, and you can always contact our support team in case you deal with any queries, issues, or difficulties while using our Software.

Here’s how you can access our free trial:

• Search on your browser • Go to the register page and register yourself • Once registered, log in with your credentials • Go to the dashboard > Flipkart Icon > Dot assured. • Your trial would have been automatically activated with 250 Orders(1-week Validity) And, Once your trial is activated or also if you are purchasing for the first time, here’s how you can use the software with the latest version. • On your dashboard you can see the download button, click on that and your software will be downloaded.

Below are simple steps you have to follow to use software

• Login into the software with your HappySellers credentials • Sign into Flipkart • Click the start here button • Click show picklists text, select your picklists • Click process orders • Once processed, click on open downloaded Folders.

Steps to Process Multi-Orders:

In any of the above method, when the multi-order comes,

  1. The software will ask you to enter its dimensions that are Length, breadth, and height.

  2. Enter your dimensions and you can click on continue.

  3. If all your dimensions are the same, the software will automatically feed its L, B, H and then you just have to click on continue.

Still, if you face any difficulties, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to help. Visit

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