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How to grow sales on Flipkart?

Flipkart Seller

As we all know the 3 important factors to make continue in a market are SURVIVAL, GROWTH, AND PROFIT.

As a Flipkart Seller, you would have seen steady growth in your overall sales. Here’s how ow to grow sales on Flipkart: 10 ways to boost your sales on

10 ways to boost your sales:

1. Product Listing Ads:

You need to attract high traffic towards your items. The more the attraction, the more will be the profit. The easiest way to get more attraction and traffic towards your products will be product listing ads.

Smart seller

How does it work? You select a product > Create an ad campaign > the products are then showed as “Featured Products” > Buyer sees your ad while surfing through products > clicks on your product It increases the visibility of your products.

2. Participate in spike sales:

Spike sales can also be called exciting shopping events, such as Big Billion Days, End of season sales, festive offers, etc.

Flipkart seller

During spike sales, exciting offers are on almost all categories. This attracts a huge number of buyers towards your product, leading to a hike in your sales and reach more buyers.

3. Good packaging:

good packaging

The product packaging design plays a very important role in branding your items in the retail environment. One thing that should be noted is that the ‘catchier’ the design is, the more audiences it will attract. Good packaging will also enable you to differentiate the products from your competitors.

4. Better cataloging:

sales on Flipkart

Your Catalog represents your product on the e-commerce website. Cataloging helps you understand what you have, where it is located (on display, in-store, on loan), and what stories it tells. It helps you prioritize work and resources through understanding how important any given item is.

5. Stick to the rules:

Seamless Order Processing

Flipkart’s selling policies and business practices are designed to increase buyers’ trust in Flipkart sellers like you and help you get better ratings and reviews. Buyers shop more from sellers with good ratings and reviews. Observing all our selling policies and not indulging in unethical business practices like selling fake products and shipping empty boxes to the buyer will win you many happy Flipkart customers.

6. Stock up your inventory

Inventory Management Solutions

The idea is to keep just enough product on the warehouse or backroom shelves just in time for customers to buy it. Keeping as little inventory on hand as possible keeps stuff fresh reduces waste, and cuts down on storage and inventory costs.

7. Deliver on time:

Inventory Optimization Software

Why is OTD Important? On-time delivery drives better collaboration with your customers, ensures reliability of delivery, and most importantly customer loyalty. Customers expect you to meet the promised delivery date. It is important to set the right expectations with your customers and meet them.

8. Images in the Product Listing:

Order Processing Efficiency

Your product images are a major part of your overall brand presence, especially online. Having high-quality images can highlight not only how your products and packaging look but can also help highlight your brand’s personality.

9. Become a Flipkart Advantage seller:

Flipkart Seller

Flipkart Advantage service has many advantages. Through this service, you can avail yourself of our best-in-class fulfillment centers. All you need to do is store your products with us and we will take care of the rest—from packing your products to handling return requests. Flipkart Advantage offers you in addition to storage space, a quality check of your products by experts, faster delivery, and much more. This will mean maximum sales, minimum returns, and a better buyer experience.

10. Keep customer delight a priority:

E-Commerce Order Management

When running a business, you can’t afford to disappoint your customers. … It’s crucial to delight your customers because they can be your biggest advocates or loudest detractors. You want your customers to feel that they’re important and you genuinely care about them post-transaction.

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