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Software Feature Updates

software feature


  • New Flipkart SignIn UI for users

  • Flipkart UI Bug fixes

  • Added a limit while creating batch for amazon 700 orders limit for combine shipping + invoice and 1000 orders limit for remaining batches

  • New Feature For User to take ownership of their marketplace account


  • New UI with segregated sections for Flipkart and Amazon

  • Auto saving of Flipkart accounts enabled

  • Users can select their multiple flipkart account from the sign in dropdown

  • New feature added where user can find their flipkart missing labels if any, from software


  • Per Order Box with retry to process failed orders

  • New Setting to Remove Sku from amazonShippingLabel Added

  • New Setting option added so user can remove sku from amazonShippingLabels if wanted


  • Updated Per Order With MSKU ID

  • Minor bug fixes

  • New Ui for Per Order Box


  • Printers Dependency Removed

  • Complete Picklist Removed after Order Processing

  • Seller Flex Improvement

  • Setting enabled to Move MultiOrder or NoPlasticOrder in Bottom of Combine PDF


  • Now Picktask can be redownloaded

  • Seller Flex PickTask Table issue Resolved

  • Added download button for separate shipping & invoice

  • Updated Flipkart New Ui

  • New Updated Amazon UI

  • visit here for more


  • Select, process & download option created

  • User will get to show and hide there downloaded picklists.

  • User can now select the picklist they want to create batch of.

  • Download wherever you want to download instead of default download system.

  • visit here for more


  • Added multi-dimension common setting, where user can select a common dimension for all orders before processing

  • User will get 3 settings while creating batch depending upon there orders. 3,000 orders can be combined together with new batch feature.

  • Large orders batch creation issue resolved


  • [BugFix] Fixed software starting issue which was caused because of wrong system configurations

  • Added feature update section inside software

  • Displaying warning before creating a batch if Combined Shipping Invoice PDF file is selected and picklist count is greater than 18

  • Added setting to select required combined output files


  • Fixed internal build process

  • Checking the text of PDF to identify shipping & invoice page, since the labels are generated with empty pages sometimes

  • Fixed blurred QR code issue coming inside Combined Shipping Invoices


  • Created crop dimension user setting and redesigned the settings layout

  • Fix resolution of combined shippings labels

  • Fixed dimensions for combined shipping label


  • Upgraded software to support more files while merging PDF orders together.

  • About 3,000 orders can be combined at present

  • Updated settings of assured and inward


  • [BugFix] Added more support for various formats of BinID in Dot Inward

  • Added Process Selected Picklists button at top as well, so that less scrolling is required in case of many picklists

  • Added retry feature inside software to retry failed orders automatically

  • Keep the picklists selected if the picklist is not completely processed, so that user doesn't have to select them again to process

  • Fixed no connectivity issue


  • Generating combined shipping label and invoice pdf from software

  • [BugFix] Resolved fetching picklists problem


  • Upgraded batch creation logic to handle uncomplete picklist as well

  • Upgraded batch and picklist cropping logic for selective picklists and selective options

  • Fetch orders by individual picklists while processing picklists from input box (in case of fetching picklists gives problem).


  • Created process picklist entered from Flipkart in the picklist bar

  • Creating RTM and Large type of picklists from Software

  • Uploading Order PDF file data to remote server as a backup

  • Saving Picklist information to database

  • Fixed bug of orders not combining by moving unreadable file to the backup folder


  • Resolved multi orders dimensions deleting problem

  • Added auto filling feature for dimensions of multi order

  • Changed timeout and retry settings

  • Added separate notification for cropping and creating batch.

  • Removed generate and process button instead provided separate generate button and separate process button.


  • Sorted multi orders - store all multi orders in the last of combined picklist pdf

  • Hide timeout bar in multi order pop up and show "processing order #" after multi order pop up form submission.


  • Resolved problem for multi-order processing in parallel mode

  • Make orders processing in sequentially

  • Resolved randome imei generation problem

  • Fixed flipkart logout issue

  • Amazon SellerFlex work in progress


  • Save active IMEI setting

  • Created button for selecting all picklists together

  • Added google search button in nav bar

  • Solved select all picklist processing problem


  • Reached a milestone of 4000+ daily customers

  • Became India's number one software used to process Flipkart Smart Fulfilment Orders

  • Developed many things in between, including software upgrades, super-fast processing, support of multi-dimension at order level, etc

Launched HappySellers

  • India's First Software to process Flipkart Smart Fulfilment Orders in Bulk

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