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24 by 7 Support Services Makes HappySellers A Leading Brand


24 by 7 Support Services Makes HappySellers A Leading Brand

HappySellers is one of the leading Pune-based order processing and fulfillment service providers. From Amazon to Flipkart, the company makes order processing a breeze for all businesses.

They offer a built-in software tool for printing, auto-dispatch, order cropping, and the list goes on. But if you are wondering what sets HappySellers apart from other order fulfillment companies, you have come to the right place. In this post, we have discussed the one fascinating thing about HappySellers that make it one of the best in the industry. The professional support services by HappySellers have helped them gain customers' trust.

HappySellers Support

You might be a tech-savvy user, but that doesn’t mean you are never going to need technical help from a professional. HappySellers is known for its stellar customer support service, which is available round the clock at your disposal. You can contact the support assistants through the live chat or call them. Their email support is available 24/7, meaning all you have to do is write them an email and they will check and answer as soon as possible.

HappySellers has a team of professional representatives that offer emergency call support 24/7 every day. Whether you are facing any technical difficulties or can’t understand the pricing plans, reach out to the contact department to get quick help. They can also answer queries concerning order processing, features available in each plan, different products, and chat support by HappySellers. You don’t need to be a HappySellers customer to get help from their support department. If you have basic queries about its service plans, you can email the customer team your concern and they will assist you with everything.

How Does HappySeller Help?

HappySellers has developed into a popular order fulfillment and processing platform with a community of over 5500 vendors and more than 97 lac orders processed every month.

Managing your daily orders and processing them manually is a lot of hard work. HappySellers came up with Dot Assured—its first smart order processing tool that streamlined order management and automated bulk order fulfillment to save sellers the time and effort of handling each order manually.

Since it started, HappySellers has focused on improving its product line and customer service. They kept launching new software to offer a broader range of services to sellers. Starting with Dot Assured, the company introduced Dot Inward, Dot Recall, Dot Prints, SellerFlex, M-Direct, and Meesho later.

HappySellers also extended their operations and covered services, like creating order backup, combining different orders, order cropping, and inventory management. They developed Amazon Order Processing to make it easier for Amazon vendors to manage their bulk orders on this eCommerce marketplace.

HappySeller’s Pricing Plan

HappySeller’s Dot Assured Seller Flex and Flipkart Smart Order plans are available at 9/paise per order with its Dot Inward and Dot Recall plan costing 500 INR per month (max limit of 5000 inwards and recalls monthly). For more information about HappySeller’s pricing plans, reach out to their support department for assistance. Or, check their website and head to the pricing section to discover different plans with prices.

HappySeller’s Stellar Customer Service

HappySellers has a dedicated support team for its sellers. You can check out the blog section to learn about the basic concepts of order fulfillment and HappySeller’s products. There’s a help section with FAQs, which answer your general questions.

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