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Why we have moved to monthly billing?

Monthly Billing

Request from customers:

a. Majority of customers asked for it:

Many of our customers were asking to get a new feature by which they can know about their monthly billing of products they have used. Also to know the numbers of orders with their respective price. So monthly billing system will help customers to know exactly how they are using our products.

b. Multiple payments need to be made:

In the future, we will be launching many new products for different marketplaces/platforms. So for all products, there will be multiple payments which will become difficult to manage. If you buy more products then you have to make multiple payments. As a result, it will become more complex to manage and monthly billing will help the customers, and our team as well, to keep transparency. Multiple Products and Multiple Payments:

a. Multiple small payments

In the previous system, if customers recharge small amounts then there are multiple payments in which customers can face problems. Also by making multiple payments customers can face the issue of transaction failure. And if transaction failure occurs, customers have to wait many days to get a refund from bank. So this becomes a headache for customers.

b. Plan to launch new products in the coming months:

In the future, we are going to launch more products and we want our customers to have a hassle-free experience, hence we have provided a new billing system. This will make it easier for the customers to use multiple products and manage their payments collectively. Benefits: Simple monthly billing

a. Recharge wallet and continue using software:

In this new wallet system, all you need to do is recharge your wallet by entering the amount and click on top-up button. A plan will be automatically activated, based on the recharge amount, then you can start using the software straight away. As soon as your recharge gets successful, your wallet balance will reflect on your wallet dashboard.

b. Activate products that have validity:

Customers can activate or deactivate products as per their requirements with this feature. The customer just need to click on activate/deactivate button then it will ask for an OTP, which is sent to the customer's registered email address. Once the OTP is submit and verified, the product will be activated.

c. Monthly GST Invoice:

A monthly GST invoice will be sent to you which will show details of all products you have used. It will help you understand the monthly usage of all products. Please remember to enter your GST number while recharging you wallet. The same number will be used to create GST invoice.

d. Keep checking the usages from the wallet page:

You can check the daily usage of your multiple products from the wallet panel, which will keep you updated about the consumption of your wallet amount at day level. Our recommendations:

It is recommended to recharge your wallet with an amount sufficient for at least 2-3 months, which will make it easier for you to process your orders in bulk, and you will not be bother about doing payments so often.

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