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Flipkart Smart Fulfilment Orders and

Flipkart Smart Fulfilment
Grow your Business

In order to process your Flipkart’s Smart Fulfilment Orders in bulk, we have got a perfect Software solution for you. With Software you can easily process all your smart orders within a few minutes with just a click. HappySellers provides you with products and services according to your processing needs. Let’s see what are the Products/ services provided by HappySellers?


  • Bulk Process All Orders

DotAssured easily processes all your f-assured orders and automatically dispatches them. Just by selecting the Picklist, all Smart Fulfilment orders are processed in bulk. After that, all your Flipkart orders are made ‘Ready to Dispatch’ and downloaded into the system.

  • Get Orders in 4*6 Size

All orders are automatically cropped in the standard size mentioned by Flipkart. Dot-Assured software automatically processes the orders and generates the orders in sizes of 4 inches by 6 inches. Save your time in resizing the orders.

  • Process Orders with IMEI Numbers

Flipkart orders with IMEI numbers are automatically processed. The software can enter multiple IMEI numbers as well as a single IMEI number. Don’t worry if you are selling mobile handsets, it will be well taken care of. After that, all your Flipkart orders are made ‘Ready to Dispatch’ and downloaded into the system.

  • Multiple Flipkart Accounts Support

Dot-Assured allows you to use multiple F-assured accounts as well as you can also select multiple city pin codes for processing smart fulfillment orders of Flipkart. Enter details of the desired account, select the pin code, and run the software.


  • Bulk Inward Listings

Using Dot-Inward you can inward thousands of Listing Ids into Flipkart smart inventory in a few minutes. You can manage your smart inventory easily by automatically inbounding the bulk of Listings and their quantity. Just select and inward the required product into your e-commerce account.

  • One-Click Inwarding

The software saves the manual effort of inwarding every listing ids one by one. Now you can save up to 15 hours while inwarding thousands of listings in bulk. No human intervention is required, only software will do your job.

  • Inward In Selected Bins

Dot-Inwards gives the option to choose Bin Ids from the Flipkart panel and then the software will enter the Listing Ids automatically. It makes it very easy and useful to inward the same Listings again in the same location within a few minutes.

  • Inward without Bin Ids

It is not necessary to select Bin Ids every time to inward Flipkart Listing Ids in smart inventory. The software automatically finds the empty Bin Ids from Flipkart smart inventory and then inwards the Listing Ids and their quantity into the available Bin Ids. DOT PRINTS FEATURES:

  • Multiple E-Commerce Support

Dot-Prints makes it very easy to resize orders of Flipkart, Paytm, LimeRoad, SnapDeal, Meesho, and many more as you want. Now there is no need to manually resize and crop the orders because the software supports every ecommerce platform. Work free across any of your e-commerce platforms and do all the standard size cropping here only.

  • Bulk Crop Orders

The software automatically crops your orders from PayTm, Flipkart, SnapDeal, LimeRoad, etc very quickly and easily. Upload all your orders in bulk to software, select the platform and within a few seconds, all orders will be resized as per your requirement Dot-prints is the only software available in the market which can crop orders in bulk without any human input.

  • Extremely Fast Speed

The high speed of cropping the orders actually saves time and as we all know time is money. In the same way, it saves human manual efforts of selecting one order at a time and then cropping it. Now forget all you have done using those free web apps. Use Dot-Prints and make more money by investing time in the right place.

  • Barcode/Thermal Printer Support

Don’t worry about the standard size, the software provides all that you need. For Flipkart 4*6 standard size and for others like Meesho, PayTM, LimeRoad, SnapDeal their standard size is already set. For every platform, we have already set the industry standard size that saves your time in resizing again and again.

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